Author Interview #2 Trin Carl

Trin Carl writes YA and Contemporary fiction.  She enjoys dance and writing her two blogs 50schoolsn90days  and  From Minnesota, Trin enjoys the outdoors and all the seasons, especially the fall as it reminds her of her days teaching and attending school at Metropolitan State University.  She can be contacted on facebook,  goodreads,  or

D: If you could drop in on a book you read as a kid which book would it be?

Trin: I would drop in on “A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson BurnettI loved the concept of an orphanage with characters who were so strong and imagination that they could rise from any injustice or circumstance. I’d go straight up to Sarah Crewe and ask her to tell me a fantastic story.  She would too!

D: What is the hardest thing about writing your current book?

Trin: My current novel, “Oh Brother” has a so many great scenes and character voices. The hardest part is trying to make sure that the novel and all of its aspects are framed around the 1990’s. That means I have to have all the music references and technology used from that time frame, like Backstreet Boys references or the mentioning of a pager for communication. I have to include some backstory about American culture during that time, like whether America was at war and the costs of things during that time.

D: Why did you title your novel “Oh Brother?”

Trin: The title came to me as a spin on words.  “Oh Brother” like why did he just do that?  And “Oh Brother,” because the MC’s brother is her hero and the MC’s  foster brother is the antagonist so I thought to myself “Oh Brother..”, like a plea to God above that all will turn out well.

D: Which writers inspire you?

Trin: Writers that inspire me include Amy Tan, Donna Tartt, Jen Lancaster, Anne Tyler, Stephen King. These writers have been like little voices in my head.  I ask myself questions like: Would Donna Tartt settle with the same details I included in my novel?  Would Jen Lancaster think this novel was funny? Would Stephen King think this scene was intense enough?

D: Where do you see the future of social media and publishing in ten years?

Trin: I think that social media will help writers sell books faster.  Perhaps a phone app will help indie publishers branch out.  Writing will be competitive as always but there will be more chances for up and coming writers to make a name for themselves.  I believe in this so much, I market for many authors in my blog, including the writer of this interview to whom I’m grateful for publishing this interview.

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  1. Great interview. I agree that Social Media will continue to play a huge roll in book sales and bringing Indie Writers to everyone.

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