Hot Pink Heels

Johnny has a talent for inserting large things into small spaces.
Cover Art for Hot Pink Heels

At the end of a long hot day selling shoes, all he wants is to get the size 12 feet in front of him stuffed into their size 9 boots and out the door. But when the door chime tinkles, heralding a Vision in urgent need of Johnny’s ‘special’ services, closing time is forgotten.

Johnny’s new mission: slip her perfect size 6 narrows into the perfect pair of Hot Pink Heels. And maybe slip Ug, the caveman in his pants, into something else hot and pink.

But before he can close the deal, wasp thin Roxanne, Johnny’s domineering boss, returns with a shocking new outfit, a size 13 wide flip flop, and a plan—for all of them.

From storefront to stockroom, the mild-mannered shoe salesman’s boring day takes a surprisingly severe and sexy twist the moment he begins his quest for the perfect pair of Hot Pink Heels.

*Warning : Due to coarse language and explicit sex this book is not recommended for readers under 18.

Welcome to The Hot Pink Press 1st Release

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ISBN –  978-0-9953366-0-5     ASIN: B01M7PMX8W


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